[Note: The submission period for Interlochen Review ended on March 1. Eligibility for Red Wheelbarrow is limited to current Interlochen students.]

The Red Wheelbarrow is a quarterly literary magazine edited and produced by creative writing majors, featuring work by current Interlochen students. A public reading/performance is held to celebrate the launch of each issue.

Interlochen students in all arts majors are welcome to submit their writing and visual artwork for consideration by the editors. Singer-Songwriters are invited to submit songs to be played live at the reading.

The deadline for submission for the second Red Wheelbarrow of the year is the Friday before Spring Break, March 17, by midnight. The reading/performance for this issue will be on Thursday, April 27 at 7:30 pm.

Please follow the submission guidelines below and use our Submittable Account to upload your work.

Red Wheelbarrow Submission Guidelines:

Writing Submissions:

  • Students may submit poems, flash fiction, short stories or fiction excerpts, creative nonfiction (personal essay or memoir), hybrid genre writing, and scripts/screenplays.

  • Students are limited to 3 submissions for poetry, and 2 submissions for prose and scripts/screenplays (maximum 5 pieces total).

  • Prose and script/screenplay excerpts are limited to 5,000 words.

  • Remove your name from each individual piece before submitting. If your name appears on the document or in the title of the file, the piece will not be considered by editors.

  • Please submit each individual piece separately.

  • Upload each submission as a .docx ONLY following the instructions on Submittable. To download as a .docx from Google Drive, click on File, select Download as from the dropdown menu, and select Microsoft Word (.docx) from the dropdown menu.

Visual Arts Submissions:

  • Students are limited to 3 Visual Art submissions.

  • Visual Art submissions will be reproduced in full color.

  • All Visual Art submissions MUST include a title, or please specify if the piece is untitled.

  • Please do not include your name in the title of the file.

  • Each submission should be uploaded as a .jpeg or .PDF following the instructions on Submittable.

Singer-Songwriter Submissions:

  • Students are limited to 3 song submissions.

  • Students can submit collaboratively written songs.

  • Please submit each song separately.

  • Each song should be uploaded as as a MP3 following the instructions on Submittable.

  • Accepted singer-songwriters must be prepared to participate in a performance on Thursday, April 27 at 7:30pm.

Notification for All Submitters:

  • If your work is selected, you will be notified by the editors via e-mail by Tuesday, April 11. The names of selected readers, visual artists and performers will also be posted on the whiteboard in the Writing House Great Room by 5pm on Tuesday, April 11.

  • Due to the volume of submissions, editors are not able to respond to every submission.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Thank you,

The Editors

To writers with accepted work:

In addition to publishing your piece and a process representation, we are offering the exciting opportunity to feature an audio recording of your piece (or an excerpt, if your piece is longer) on our website. You should feel free to record this on a laptop or phone, as long as you can save the recording in MP3 format.  If you are willing to share a recording with us, we ask that you upload this MP3 file NO LATER THAN Wednesday, May 17th at 5pm.